The State of Things – ROW 80 update

This might be a short post as I’m sort of tired but it is a good tired. Spent time with the book group I go to every month and it was good to not concentrate on writing at the moment. I didn’t get much done today although I need to get at least 250 done for the mini-nano. I think I wrote 500 on my NaNo if that. Very sleepy. And I still have the rest of the month to get through.

And HOW the heck did it get to be Thanksgiving next week? Geez, I remember when the year seemed to crawl. Of course, that was all the way back when I was in High School. Now the years just fly along and the next thing I know, one niece hit 21 and the other is ten going on 25. ;p

Power supply on my desktop when kaput so when I play WoW to reward myself after I’ve done my writing, I won’t be able to as I try to find a reasonably priced one. And then the fun of putting it in myself. If you hear of an explosion, that was because I put it in wrong. ^.^

And that’s it for now.

Take care!

One Response to “The State of Things – ROW 80 update”

  1. Good tired is the best tired to be. Happy almost Thanksgiving. I agree… how is it here already?!

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