NaNoRow Update

I think I burned myself out a little yesterday or it was the fact that I didn’t have anything to do or be today. I only had a write in yesterday and I wrote almost five thousand for my NaNo story and then wrote another thousand for my short story. That can be attributed to lots of word sprints on Twitter and on AIM and then two #1k1hr with someone who was new to NaNo this year.

Today I just did the minimum and left it at that. And did laundry. (so exciting, I know.) I also dropped off some meat the a local wolf sanctuary. We didn’t realize the one freezer hadn’t been on for a few days until it was opened and then there was half thawed meat. So, we cleaned out the freezer (which it needed anyway) and it went to a good cause. Support your local wolfies. šŸ˜€ There is also a big cat sanctuary up north that I’d like to go see too. I love big cats.

I do need to update my word widgets to the side. Thank you everyone who chimed in on tips to help out. šŸ™‚

Of course, a lot of things were dulled this past week after the sex scandal that broke the news at PSU. *sigh* It sucks, the choices that adults made in stopping it sucked and it puts a cloud over a well known school in my state because supposedly responsible adults didn’t make the correct decisions and some dickhead took advantage of the kids that were looking to him for support. (Please pardon the language.) But, if you’ve been following the news on that, I don’t need to rehash what’s going on with it.

And that’s my Sunday. How it went so fast and tomorrow is the start of another work week.

This is a Row80 Blog Hop

4 Responses to “NaNoRow Update”

  1. Love wolves. Big kudos to you for supporting them. My aunt used to work with one of the big cat sanctuaries, awesome stuff.

    Keep up the great word production, NaNo plus other projects can be a lot of work.

    Have a super week šŸ™‚

    • I’m glad to help and they are so pretty. I have a bunch of pictures of when we went. One of these nights, I want to go to their full moon tour.

  2. Great wordage! I’ve had some success with word sprints but nothing like what you’re reporting…way to go.

    That’s cool you have sanctuaries nearby and kudos for supporting them.

    Best of luck with the upcoming week šŸ™‚

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