NaNoWriMo – Status Update

So far, I have managed to get to fifteen thousand words for my NaNo even though I haven’t really been feeling motivated about it the past two days. Maybe it’s because the chapters aren’t really doing much other than setting an atmosphere. I guess. Although I have run into a bit where I might have to wing it until I can find something official.

One of my characters is a sharp-shooter and carries a rifle with her. Right now, she’s in a situation where she’s competing against others who are skilled in shooting targets. I, myself, have never held a gun or a rifle. The only thing I have seen is in movies or shows on how things are held. So, this could be interesting right now. I can just go back later and elaborate on it if it’s wrong. But if I want to do anything with this story, that’s one of the things that I’ll have to clean up.

I can only thank the different places that offer word sprints that I can boast a word count that is a day or so ahead of schedule right now because I don’t know how I would have done it other wise.

Ze plot bunny is very cute and fluffy and keeps hippity hoppitying away.

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