ROW80 and NaNoWriMo

I’m not sure how to start the post here. Right now, I just got back from the barn after driving the mini. I actually used my roommate’s mini since he’s more used to what needs to be done with the commands compared to mine who is rusty after three years not being worked with. So the roomie is training him while I get more comfortable with the reins and the different speeds of the trots.

Anyway. I didn’t do much writing last week since joining up with ROW80. Only 300 words on so on top of the existing 3k that I’m not counting towards my goal. I had intended to write last night but came home with a pounding migraine and I wasn’t feeling really creative. I took two Aleve and went to bed at 9pm. Woke up at 9 this morning. So obviously twelve hours of sleep was a good thing. I had been feeling run down and November isn’t going to get much better. On the good side, when I went to a meet and greet (that people got shy and didn’t show), at least I hung out in a cool bookstore. An Independent that is sitting in a prime location around other shops. They also did a little NaNo display that was nice with No Plot, No Problem and a few other writing books.

One of the ones that had been recommended was Spilling Ink, A young Writers Handbook by Anne Mazer and Ellen Potter. It was recommended on the basis that while it’s written towards young writers, even adult ones can get some good advice from it. And I must say that it is very nice to read. It’s simple and has cute illustrations. While the adult How To books can get technical, this one keeps it simple and has the reader sitting down and using most every day occurrences to come up with new ideas. It’s for the young or the young at heart.

On top of the 50k I need to write for NaNo, I pledged to to another 15k of short stories. We’ll see how I’m in by the time this is all over. Maybe I should make up the “Do No Disturb Till January” sign now. 🙂


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