Keeping the steam going

With NaNo (, I need to come up with an idea to write about that will hopefully get me to 50k. One thing that will hopefully keep me going is doing a bunch of word sprints and going to the write ins that will be scheduled. Other wise, if I have no motivation to write, I’ll just sit and stare at a blank screen. Go me. Fail writer, at your service. ;p

Another problem I have is I’ll start a story, get about midway and then just stop. I’ll put it aside because some other idea popped in my head and I want to work on that. There will be times when I’ll have three things going at the same time. Right now, it’s just two. I need to stop doing that though. Need to figure out how to actually get something finished. The few things that I had were short stories. And that’s usually my forte.

I do want to go back to all the NaNo stories I had and try to do something with them. If all else, at least FINISH them if all they are going to do is sit on a shelf somewhere.

12 days and counting.


2 Responses to “Keeping the steam going”

  1. OMG I am the same way. I will get writing, something else pops into my head and I have to move on. Sometimes I wonder if I have ADD.


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