Six Sentence Sunday

Cheryl over at Off Wi’ the Fairies participates in 6 Sentence Sunday. I can’t sign up for next week’s until Tuesday but at least I can get into the habit of trying it out.

This is from something I’m rewriting from the start, so it’s very rough.

She didn’t hear the woman walk up behind them but they both stood back and bowed to her while she stared at Jane, one pale brow quirking up as lips that were coated in glitter pressed together. “Judicator. You are…dressed oddly.”

Jane gave a short bow. “I was working when I got your summons.” Because that’s all those sharp spikes up her spine and into her brain were.

I was going to do so much more this weekend, but other things came up and prevented that so I’m very tired and emotionally spent right now.


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