And there it was

I was going to do a different post but in looking for a file where a friend and I had RPed fantasy characters once upon a time, I couldn’t find it. Even though I knew I put it somewhere on one of the flash drives I had or maybe it’s on the external hard drive. I have it somewhere.

When I started to look on said flash drives and found that I had double and triple files.

Okay, I know I want to keep stuff in more than one place but I think this was more ‘put it on this drive’ and forgot and then did it again. Rinse and repeat. I need to make a central place for a copy and then go to the couple other places for safe keeping. I shouldn’t find the file then.

So yeah, organization is what I need and what is missing from this picture at the moment.


One Response to “And there it was”

  1. Yeah, organization. I need it, but then I hate to take the time to do that instead of writing! Vicious cycle.

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