Wednesday Writing Tips

Okay, technically it is Thursday. I had wanted to do this last night but got distracted. That and I’m wondering if I shouldn’t start building the Ark as we’re now on day 4 of steady rain from the tropical storm.

I was doing some straightening up and found one of my many writing books that I had bought. This one is 100 Things Every Writer Needs to Know by Scott Edelstein. Or the most part, each ‘chapter’ is one to two pages. Three at most. So I thought I’d go through each tip every Wednesday.

Anyone Who Writes is a Writer.

What Mr. Edelstein means by this is that some potential writers are being told that they aren’t real writers until they’ve gotten an agent and have sold their books or written a certain amount of words.

I know several authors that actually hold down a day job to pay the everyday bills so that they can write at night.

If you put words on paper, you’re a writer. It’s as simple–and as obvious–as that.

How experienced, how talented, how successful you may be as writer are other questions.

It’s nobody else’s job–or business–to define whether you are a writer or not.

So, has anyone ever said that you’re not a real writer or didn’t think much because you’ve self published and had to do all the leg work yourself

5 Responses to “Wednesday Writing Tips”

  1. There a couple of blog awards posted up at my blog for you, Nellie!

  2. And by “there a”, I mean “there are a”. =P

  3. Send some of the rain to Oklahoma, please! We’re about to be in drought conditions again :(. And Texas needs it really bad . . .

    It took me a long time to finally call myself a writer and not feel like I was cheating. Not because I wasn’t writing, but because I didn’t have anything to show for it. Of course, as long as I didn’t tell anybody than I didn’t have to have anything to show for it . . .

    and yeah. That just turns into a vicious circle.

    So now, I tell everyone I’m a writer because I want to be a writer!

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