Camp NaNo and the insanity it can bring

30739 / 50000 words. 61% done!

I’m behind by about 6 thousand words. It’s not really impossible to catch up. I was worse last year or so and had been behind by about 10k. So I know it can be done to catch up. I just need to focus. What has helped is by using Twitter and getting involved in some word sprints. By being accountable to someone other than myself, it means that I will stop playing Plants vs. Zombies or goofing off. *cough*

Getting out of the house helps too. If I go to Panera or Moe’s to get something to eat and then write, I can get a bunch done.

Not to mention that regular NaNoWriMo is coming up and I do have a story that I could use in the same setting that I am writing about now or the new story that I thought of the other weekend that I’m not sure it would have the 50k potential.

I’ve always been a pantser when it came to plotting things out.

Not to mention getting ready to herd some writing cats. Oi, that’s just so much fun. -_- either way, I am writing. The steam is still going even if I think that it might run out, but I’m still going.

Just call me the engine that maybe could?

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