Monster Mash 2019 – Between a rock and a hard place

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“But it ain’t me you gotta worry about now.”

My pick for Monster Mash 2019, just for the fact that I like Vin Diesel and Riddick.  I had to trip a lot because I have a tendency to do a lot of description and it can be easy to get carried away and go over the word limit.


Between a Rock and a Hard Place

“I don’ think your friends are coming back. But it ain’t me you gotta worry about now.”

Feranell eyed the trollkin. He had been captured when the two parties had coming across each other. The skirmishes between their people never got better and some lost sight of what they were fighting for.

He grinned, the white and red war paint across his face making the expression more menacing. Yellow eyes watched her while he tested the rope wrapped around his wrists. They had taken everything except the clothing he had underneath the armor. He was still a threat and she would be glad when her companions came back with reinforcements.

“It is what I said. There are worse things out there that are looking for your kind. They are attracted to the tendrils you attach to yourself, following them like starving hounds.”

She frowned at him, not sure what he meant. Her gaze directed towards the sigils she had drawn herself for keeping the small single story room safe. “You’re lying. There isn’t anything out there.”

“Are you so sure? You think that nothing can slip along the edges of your protections? Anything can be broken if something is determined enough. There are beings that are tricky and enjoy the challenge of the hunt by breaking down what you build up.”

Feranell scowled at the man. He was trying to unnerve her because it was the two of them. She wished someone had stayed behind with her. She wasn’t used to being in the midst of fighting like others.

There was a loud SNAP and the crash of something falling outside the window. She jumped and spun towards it, hand curling around the athame. It was pitch black outside with the exception of the lightning that danced around the clouds, illuminating the forest in short bursts. The scouts should have been back by now. Their camp hadn’t been far away and it was past time for them to be back.

“Feeling jumpy? Worried about something, ya?” He was amused by her discomfort.

“Shut up.” Feranell took a deep breath, sidling to the window to peer out. She waited for the lightning to illuminate the area and saw one of the large trees on its side, roots exposed to the open air. There hadn’t been a lightning strike. No reason for it to be down.

“All those brave men and they left you by yourself. Sure they coming back?”

“I can take care of myself.” She glanced over her shoulder, refusing to respond to the baiting. He was being an ass. If one of his own were trying to get him back, it was best to stay inside where she knew she could defend. She squinted and tried to peer to the sides as far as she could. She didn’t see anything, but goosebumps beaded along her skin and the hair on the back of her neck rose up.

The man gave another chuckle. He was finding too much amusement when he was the one at a disadvantage. “You feel it, ya? Something not right out there, watching you. It could already be too late to get away. Who knows.”

“If that is the case, you are at risk as much as I am.” She didn’t want to take her gaze from the window, backing away from it. It was stupid to stand right there and be a target.

“I’m more protected than you will ever be. You are the tastier target, so I have time.”

“You’re tired up. I can run away and leave you as the offering.”

“Am I?” his voice rumbled like the purr of a well fed cat.

She dared to turn her gaze to where he was bound and saw the frayed ropes hanging from the exposed rafter he had been tied to. Vice-like arms closed around her, pulling her against a cool body just as something slammed against the window, shattering it and a long tendril slithered along the floor.

“Guess it doesn’t like to be missing out on a tasty meal.” The trollkin’s voice was soft in her ear as she stared at the creature. It was pitch black and undulated like a snake. The maw opened and exposed the sharp teeth and it snapped, trying to wiggle it’s large bulk in.

“Now, you have a choice. Face that or maybe I’ll take you with, ya? The choice is yours.”

749 words

© 2019 Nellie Batz


New Things Coming

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I have to admit that I have let this blog go by the wayside and will need to work on getting it back up again.   Excuse me while I work on the dust and reconfigure everything.


MonsterMash 2018

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Last day of the MonsterMash blog hop. And perhaps this blog will be used for things again. I’m not sure what things, but something.  Anywho, here is my entry.

#gutsandgory #getwordy #mm2018



Dihmeer woke up choking. The pressure around her neck kept tightening with each moment. She clawed and scored her skin, leaving angry marks behind as she tried to work her fingers underneath the dark ropes wrapped around her throat and tightened up.  Her legs thrashed and kicked the blanket off as dark spots danced in her eyes.

A harsh growl from the window caused a sudden loosening and her chest heaved as she drew in air to replenish starved lungs.  A snort and she fumbled and caught herself before falling on her face on the floor.  She caught dark tendrils retreating back onto the dark lines that run down both arms. Continue reading

Pushing yourself with writing

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Much like NaNoWriMo in November is all about putting words down, even if you manage to make the 50k or not.   There is also an editing month, two Camp NaNos in April and July.   JuNoWriMo is another month were you can try your hand at writing 50k.   It is not affiliated with the Office of Letters and Light and NaNoWriMo.   But it is still something to try and the group is helpful and fun.

You also get a chance to buy some swag or donate to help support it.   Now granted, I have yet to win myself but I’m trying to do better and it’s always a good time to get one’s butt in gear and actually finish my stories or just cut them down to short story/novella length.  We’ll see how things go.

There used to be a website but now there is only the Facebook page, JuNoWriMo.  Come join in the fun.

So it’s December Now

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I know I said I wanted to update this blog (at least once a week) but NaNoWriMo sort of had me sucked in and I had enough issues keeping on track. But I did it.


With a little over 50k, I clocked in another win. Now usually I put the story(ies) aside to let them ‘rest’ or otherwise forget about them even if they are unfinished. I’m trying to NOT do that this time around and teach myself better writing habits as well as writing daily again, even if it is a couple hundred words. Need to start somewhere. I found that I wrote more on the weekends because that was when I was away from home. I tend to get sucked into the couch and not want to do anything. Doing something other than planting my butt on the comfy couch.

I also need to catch up on my TBR pile because there is a huge pile of books that I want to read and new ones coming out that sound interesting all the time. I’m also making a list of things that I want to finish and a word count for the coming year. Hopefully I can last longer than a few months.

So how are your goals going?

Mid-November NaNo Madness

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Wow, I know I said I needed to post more but we see how well that is doing.  I’m trying to get back into healthy writing habits, such as daily writing, even if it is only a couple hundred words a day.  I need to do it.   If I’m ever to get all my half finished works finished, I need to do something.

Even if it is to go out somewhere to Panera, it gets me out of the house and off the extremely comfortable couch.  It is a deadly thing, this couch, sucking me in with it’s sweet siren song of comfiness.

I haven’t worked on NaNo yesterday due to a family issue and I had my mind on other things than writing but they seemed to be resolved now.   So I definitely need to work on that.  I’m at the 16k mark so while the halfway marks is four days away, I need to come up with 2500 approximately to get there.

There was something that I’ve been sitting on and stewing about.  I am in a writing group that meets every two months.  It’s that far because while it had been bigger, because of changing to a different location that might be a little harder to get to (We used to meet at B&N until they did their restructure and added the kids toys), we are down to four people.   There is one member who tried and tried and tried to pitch a book that he had written and never got any solid bites.  There were some nibbles but that’s about it.  So he self-published himself.  Which there is nothing wrong with that.  Sometimes people are more successful.   At the meeting, we were talking about how publishing is changing, with small press and self publishing being an option for people who can’t get into the big houses.   He talked about his experience and about how he isn’t sure if he would do anything with small press.

Then he talked about how there are only 4 copies sold of his book, that he didn’t really promote himself, has only 40 or so twitter follows and didn’t do anything much to let it be known that he had a book out.   He was in an anthology that was recently release, TV Gods.  It really is a good book and has a lot of interesting stories, most of them by local authors in my area.  It’s a small pub press and he was complaining about how they weren’t really engaging people to buy the book when they were at Balticon.   I wasn’t there so I can’t really judge.   But I’m sitting there thinking that he didn’t do anything to really engage the reading community, or offer a copy or two to book bloggers and be more aggressive at promoting himself beyond a few tweets or so.   But he felt comfortable complaining about someone else was promoting their stuff and wasn’t going with small press with any of his work.   I guess he wants to go big or go home.  Which is a shame, because I enjoy the small press books as much as the big house books.

I was just thinking that he really can’t complaining when he’s not doing the work.  In the publishing industry these days, the author does a good chunk of their own promoting.   Yes, the Publisher puts out e-mails and talks about their new releases but it’s the author who is drumming up the business for their own book as the hook.  If you want your book to sell, you can’t just sit back and expect it to sell itself or anyone else to pimp your book out if you don’t do anything.

It’s the nature of the beast and always seems to be changing.  If I ever have something out, no matter the venue, I know what not to do and that’s nothing.

Of course, I can’t count these words towards my NaNo.  Darn it.  🙂

Blowing the Dust off – A new start in 2014

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I wish I could say that I was busy doing important things that I forgot about the blog and hardly posted in the past year, but I can’t really say that. It was more exhaustion of real life and then not feeling the writing muse beyond writing a couple words a day. Work got hectic and then I was punched in the gut in the summer and then after it was all very ‘MEH’.

Hopefully work will get better now that we have a new person to help with the load. Now we have four people doing the work of five instead of three. I lost my horse at the end of July due to a health issue that she had gotten when she had her foal. I’ve said it before to my roommate that if I ever met someone from that broodmare farm, I would be hard pressed not to punch them in the face. But she was a pasture puff the past few years so at least she was happy the last eight years I had her.

I need to organize all the bits and pieces of writing that I have on different files. Get my thoughts organized and see if I can actually keep up writing with short stories. And find someone who will be a beta when I need one.

2013 wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t great either. I look forward to not having another year like this past one again. I’m going to start slow and say that I’m going to post to this blog at LEAST once a week. If I get an extra post in, then that’s considered bonus, right?

Start small. Isn’t that the way to go?

Chugging Along

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I really didn’t write much this weekend. The goal I set for myself for Camp NaNo was 30,000 words. It’s doable without being TOO much, really. I’ve done 15k and 25k. 30K shouldn’t be that much of a problem. So far, I’ve only written about five thousand words so I need to write about 1500 a day to get ahead and stay ahead. I’ll have to see how it works.

Yesterday I was kind of busy. I’ve taken to volunteering my time and helping transport rescued cats to their forever homes. Yesterday I drove two very fluffy cuties to meet the last leg of their journey. They are so adorable. It was also my birthday. I’m at this point that while I like to get some things: a gift card for B&N, maybe a really nice bottle of wine, a road trip somewhere, it’s not a big deal really anymore. So I spend my time helping gives cats a second chance when they were close to not having that chance. It’s good for a little extra karma and I’m an animal person. It feels good to make someone else’s day and help them out where it wouldn’t have possible before.

The name of the group on Facebook is Underground Railroad Rescue Kitties Network or URRKN. If you’re interested in joining, just pop over. Though if you don’t do Facebook, I can see about what can be done to join up. And it’s only a few hours a month, if that, of your time. It’s really not that bad.

I never know what to say, really

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Last week I didn’t do any posting at all. Mostly due to work being a headache and coming home and the brain shutting off. On top of that, I did minimal writing (which sucked) and zero reading (which sucked even more). It had gotten to the point that I was getting irritated because I knew there was a book out by an author I like and I was either too busy or too tired to read it.

It was like that the whole month. It really, really sucked. The meetings haven’t stopped but I’ve told myself that I’m going to get up from my desk at work and do something, whether it’s read or writing. Just so that I can keep going out it and don’t get stuck. Bad enough I have three stories going and all of them are sort of stalled out now.

How do you deal with the work vs writing argument?

If it’s getting up early…yeah, I’m not a morning person so I don’t know how well that one is going to work. 🙂

I’ll be updating more regularly as the April Camp NaNoWriMo is going. The nice thing is that we can pick our own word count to achieve and I gave myself 30,000 to write this month.

Also, here is a Monday Mixer.

Sarah shifted the torch, pulling down the goggles before going to work on the piece of metal. Little pieces of swarf littered the floor under her feet.

“There you are.” The woman’s voice was faintly disapproving. “I don’t understand why you are doing this. It’s a perfectly good conservatory. Get the workmen to make it bigger.”

“I’m perfectly capable of doing it myself with just the glasswork needed to be done.”

“You shouldn’t have to do this. I don’t understand.” A heavy sigh. “You need to act more like a lady. This is going to be scandalous if people find out you are doing common work.”

Sarah felt the headache starting up already. “Mother. I don’t need a man. I don’t need anyone to help me do anything and no one gives a damn about if I get my hands dirty. YOU are the one who is scandalized. Not me.”

150 words

Struggling along

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This whole juggling schedule I need to work on is trying. I know other people do it but I’m still trying to get a schedule down for work/writing stuff. I’ve written more this week than I have last week, even if it is only a couple hundred words at a time.

And I have done zero work on getting things together for Camp NaNo next month. At least I only need to come up with 30k words. I think I can manage that. I hope. It should be an interesting month, that’s for sure. I need to find some new sound track music to help during my writing. If I listen to anything with lyrics, I’ll pay attention to what the song is about than just pushing forward. On top of that, I want to read again. I haven’t really read anything that didn’t have to do with work for the past two weeks.

Bleh, that does suck.

And in true fashion, considering that I’m having problems writing, I can’t think of anything really interesting to talk about.

So, have a good week and see you Friday.